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Axel Lopez and American Business Links Corporation offer the following business and trade services for Import and Export:

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   • Business Traveling & Meetings

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Mr. Axel Lopez has witnessed over my 20 years of traveling to the region, how U.S. technology, management, know-how, goods, and services from a wide range of industries have contributed significantly to the growth of Latin American economies. Countries like Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica, to name a few, actively solicit foreign trade investments from American companies. Another benefit to these trade agreements is consumer and industrial products find their way to markets and many factories are settled in Latin America to promote business and employment opportunities. Many countries of Latin America, now, enjoy political, government and economic stability unseen in past years. Emphasizing that you can view the Latin American market as a conglomeration of markets, people, language, religions, economy, laws, cultures, and currencies that all may seem similar, but each country is very unique and different to deal with.


International Trading Consultant in Kissimmee Orlando

Consulting Services

International Trading

We offer the following business and trade services for Import and Export: Business Representations, Distribution, Negotiation, Translation and Interpretation, Business Traveling & Meetings, Attend Conferences & Expos, International Trade & Business Agreements.

International Trading Consulting ServicesInternational Trading Consulting Services

How to Do Successful Business in Latin America

How to do Successful

Business in Latin America

Axel is the author of the book "How to Make Successful Business in Latin Americaā€¯. In his book, it covers why do business in this region, why Latin America, why now, where and how you start, and you will learn how to deal with Agents, Distributors or by going direct.

How to do Successful Business in Latin America Axel LopezHow to do Successful Business in Latin America Axel Lopez

Import Export Business Consultant Axel Lopez

Import / Export

Latin America? Worldwide?

From country risk evaluation to finding the best market for your product or service, Axel Lopez knows and has the necessary experience to make your business International. With over 20 years of Import / Export and International business Experience, you can rely sure your project is in the best hands.

Import Export Business Consultant Orlando FloridaImport Export Business Consultant Orlando Florida


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